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Organizing a Food Drive

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Coordinating a food drive is an excellent way to help those in need in Santa Clarita. With minimal planning, food drives can be organized for your school, church, club, civic organization, or even your own neighborhood – Any time of the year.

Steps for Conducting a Food Drive


Safety First

SCV Food Pantry recommends that food drives are always conducted with a buddy or a parent.


Create Flyers

Design a simple flyer stating your name and explaining that you are conducting a food drive for the SCV Food Pantry. If you are volunteering in order to fulfill the hours needed for the national honor society or for school, then include that information on the flyer.

Click the following links to see samples of previous flyers:


Distribute Flyers

Distribute your flyers around your neighborhood or wherever applicable with your buddy. Please note: the SCV Food Pantry does not condone or endorse the distribution of flyers in places where signage or solicitation is prohibited.


Collect Donations

Be sure to take your buddy or parent if you go door-to-door to collect donations. We often suggest bringing a wagon to help transport your haul.


Food Pantry Drop-Off

Donations can be dropped off at the SCV Food Pantry Monday through Thursday between 9:00 am and noon. A night drop box is also located at the rear of the pantry in the alley between 4th and 5th street. During normal business hours, a representative from the SCV Food Pantry will be happy to sign school forms verifying a student’s community service.


Track Your Time (if applicable)

The SCV Food Pantry can approve up to 10 community service/volunteer hours for students conducting a food drive in the students neighborhood or with an organization to which they belong. If you are conducting a food drive to meet educational requirements, don’t forget to track your time on a task log. Parent verification of volunteer hours is required for minors; both the student and the parent must sign off on the timesheet.


It's amazing how a family can go from a safe and secure environment and then poof the next minute everything changes. God Bless the Food Pantry. My sister went to the Food Pantry and they welcomed her with open arms. They were able to give her some immediate food relief. The Food Pantry not only gave her food but also support and hope. It gives one comfort to know that somebody really cares.


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